"MEATING WITH ART"- EXHIBITION - Gallery 6, Wroclaw, Poland.

As part of my academic assignment at Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, I was given a task to photograph "meat" as a subject. 

I decided to use processed meat because of its round form, which gave me a very graphic and clean element to work with. I made it my central piece by locating it in the middle of color busy backgrounds, which were different details of my abstract paintings. Filled with symbols, yet not defined I wanted to leave space for the viewer to find their own meaning in those pieces allowing the mind, eye, and heart to soak up the details and the unexpected combination of the two. 

EDIT: In 2016 this series was exhibited at Gallery 6 at Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław and in 2017 moved to Zaułek Kaćmy Gallery, as well located at Academy of Fine Arts.

Curated by professor Piotr Komorowski.